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Amazing Customer Experiences
a service of 30dps

We Create Thrilling
Customer Experiences

Embark with us on the adventure
to celebrate your product or service in creative
(and often fun) ways!

We Create Thrilling
Customer Experiences

Embark with us on the adventure
to celebrate your product or service in creative
(and often fun) ways!

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Why Us

30dps, short for 30 dreams per second, is a Customer Experience Consulting and Design firm based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, from which we have proudly served a great list of clients for more than 23 years. In the first decade of our history, we honed our creative and technical skills and established ourselves as a tenacious interactive creative agency that was willing to go the extra mile for its clients. Evolving in our second decade, we proved ourselves as an accomplished full-service marketing, advertising and web design firm, serving clients of all sizes and business types.

While proud to serve our clients as a full-service marketing and advertising agency, increasingly that definition, and the expectations that accompany it, fail to drive the kinds of transformative change we strive to see in our clients' businesses. So again adapting the nature of our business in order to better serve our clients in a rapidly changing world, we have changed our focus to helping our clients create Amazing Customer Experiences.

We believe that we can much better serve our clients through the constantly evolving business practice of Customer Experience Consulting and Design. We excitedly have made this shift—a shift that may well prove to be our final business course alteration—to inspire and assist our clients in producing an Amazing Customer Experience, knowing full-well that the bar for "amazing" will constantly be raised. But it is precisely for that reason that we are so excited about this new direction, as we believe that it will constantly propel us towards the innovation and creativity that so wonderfully motivates us.


Why Customer Experience

Frustrated by the lack of penetration in the corporate world of the true impact of The Experience Economy, which was first published in 1999, authors B. Joseph Pine II and James Gilmore have further stressed the following reality in their updated version of their book; “Goods and services are no longer enough to foster economic growth, create new jobs, and maintain economic prosperity. To realize revenue growth and increased employment, the staging of experiences must be pursued as a distinct form of economic output. Indeed, in a world saturated with largely undifferentiated goods and services the greatest opportunity for value creation resides in staging experiences.”

In the experience economy any business has the potential to bring more joy and create long-lasting memories by transforming their business into something remarkable. Since your customers will have an experience with your business, the question becomes, will it be an amazingly positive experience or a negative one.

Recent research shows that 85% of consumers are willing to pay anywhere from 5-25% more to ensure a great customer experience. Isn't that an opportunity worth pursuing?

Marketing guru Seth Godin states it concisely and clearly in The Big Moo; “In the old days, showing up was 95 percent of success. If you offered a good product at a good price in a reliable way, you’d do fine. Being local was a good thing. Having a long track record helped. Decent quality and personal service mattered as well. No longer. Good enough isn’t good enough, because now everything is good enough. Our expectations of quality are unrealistic—and are being met every single day. We don’t just want to be satisfied, we want to be blown away.  In the same way that FedEx changed the world when they popularized overnight shipping, you can shake up your industry by breaking all the rules.”

That’s why customer experience is so important. That’s why our passion is to help our clients find that remarkable change that constitutes an Amazing Customer Experience!


What We Do

We help our clients achieve their dreams of creative differentiation and growth by engineering Amazing Customer Experiences (ACEs) that knock their customers’ socks off.

We begin by doing an assessment of our clients’ current customer experience. It is with rare exception that a business does not instantly identify some significant areas needing improvement. The temptation is to make incremental changes to improve the situation (not in and of itself a bad thing). But the real objective is to transcend incremental changes and create AMAZING customer experiences. Creating “amazing” requires research, attention to detail and a big dose of creativity!

We specialize in identifying customer touch-points that can have a substantial impact on the customer experience, then engage in creative processes and develop custom strategies that deliver Amazing Customer Experiences.

At 30dps, we not only offer an analytical and strategic approach to Customer Experience (CE) design, but also provide wide-spectrum implementation support. Through our research and assessment tools, process of analysis, and innovative approach to customer experience engineering, we help our clients implement measurable and sustainable approaches that have transformative potential.

While requiring vision and support at the top of an organization, achieving truly amazing customer experiences consistently requires buy-in and support at every level. Therefore, 30dps not only designs strategic systems and approaches, but also provides education and supporting materials that ensure employees at every point of customer contact are trained, empowered and inspired to provide an Amazing Customer Experience.

We will help you find creative (and often fun) ways of distinguishing your products and services, devise and implement plans for getting noticed, and produce the supporting technologies that make it easy and rewarding for your customers to do business with you. We'll support you with an entire creative and technical staff that is devoted to your success (at a cost you can afford), and we will show you how to measure the success of your new and Amazing Customer Experience.


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