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Amazing Customer Experiences
a service of 30dps

We Are
Here For You

Let us be your helping hands
on your road to amazing.

We Are
Here For You

Let us be your helping hands
on your road to amazing.

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Amazing Customer Experiences are
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ACE Services

Customer Insight

The way to your customers’ heart is an intimate understanding of who they are: their wants, needs, and expectations.  They will reward you with unshakable loyalty when you demonstrate, through an Amazing Customer Experience, that you truly "get" them.  Our Customer Insight process includes:

  • Research
  • Persona identification
  • Customer-journey mapping

Customer Experience Engineering

30dps helps you engineer a solid, predictable customer experience by providing the following services:

  • Touch-point mapping
  • Customer experience assessment
    • Nine-element assessment
    • Mystery shopping
    • Customer feedback
    • Usability study
  • Experience strategy & design
    • Direct/two-way customer experience
    • Indirect/one-way customer experience
    • Interactive/online customer experience (web & mobile)
  • Digital business solutions design & development

Communication Design

From graphic and user interface design, copywriting, content strategy and presentation, to the development of technological tools, the 30dps Communications Design Team leaves nothing to chance. Services include:

  • Correspondence design
  • Content strategy & copywriting
  • Presentation design
  • Content marketing
  • Graphic & user interface design

Performance Measurement

It is important to know where your company's performance stands currently, and be able to track how much progress you're making towards providing an Amazing Customer Experience.  It is also critically important to recognize and reward staff successes in providing an ACE.  Performance measurement services include:

  • Rewards/recognition programs
  • Metrics
  • Value measurement
  • Customer experience evaluation

Branding and Customer Experience Culture

30dps can help you refine your Brand Promise and develop a rich Corporate Identity deployed over a wide range of media platforms and touch-points, deepening customers' bond with your Brand.  Services include:

  • Brand promise definition
  • Value proposition & pitch development
  • Brand strategy & cultural refinement
  • Corporate identity development

Management and Employee Engagement

Providing an Amazing Customer Experience requires buy-in not just by management, but by every member of your organization.  To help equip your organization to deliver an Amazing Customer Experience, we also offer the following services:

  • Customer experience leadership training
  • Organizational development & training
  • Employee audits & feedback solicitation


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