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Amazing Customer Experiences
a service of 30dps

Attention To Detail Is...

the difference between a good experience
and an amazing experience you'll never forget.

Read about our customer's experiences.

Attention To Detail Is...

the difference between a good experience
and an amazing experience you'll never forget.

Read about our customer's experiences.

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Industry-Changing Innovation

"We asked 30dps to create, design, and implement a unique music chart reporting system for online use. Our clients, the leading Christian radio stations around the country, needed something easy-to-use, easy-to-read, and pretty much fool-proof. The system that 30dps designed has performed flawlessly, and is now regarded as the leader in the industry. 30dps took our idea, and within a very short timeframe, created exactly what we needed."

Jim Veldhuis - Christian Radio Weekly, Managing Editor, Westar Media Group, Inc.

Supporting a Remarkable Success

"30dps was an instrumental part of Colorado Springs Together from the very start, getting involved just two days after the fire hit Mountain Shadows on 26th June 2012.  After the first meeting with the 30dps team, a fully functional website was in place one week later. The approach to the branding, design, content and social media communications implemented by the 30dps team has been one of the core elements of our success bringing together neighbors and the community to forge solutions to move the restoration efforts forward quickly.

"In addition to the website the 30dps team was able to support the additional communications and team building collateral material from signage to printed materials along with logo artwork and video productions that have been a huge success in getting information out to those citizens needing help."

Bob Cutter - Founder & President, Colorado Springs Together

An Experienced Guide

"You have come to me with ideas on how to make more money and expand our market share, and I really appreciate that kind of partnership.  I am thankful to have you guys, and am grateful that you're always there for me.  I am very confident in your abilities and professionalism, and it is a pleasure working with all of you at 30dps!"

Jay Thornton - Owner, American Gymnast, Inc.

Professional AND Fun!

"30dps' determination to produce the best product is unsurpassed They will see a project through as if it were their own. Not only is the staff at 30dps extremely knowledgable and professional, they are also down to earth and fun to work with...This makes for a more creative and enjoyable working environment. We highly recommend 30dps!"

Joe and Pat Macaluso - Plan-et Creations, LLC


Unique Communications that ACE It!

"[30dps's] staff brings a wealth of experience and expertise to custom software development. Staff members thoroughly understand the development process, are highly knowledgeable about user needs and behaviors, and know how to plan and implement excellent and compelling products....The organization is experienced in developing complex products under tight deadlines....I have been associated in some capacity with seven other developers and I can say without qualification that 30dps brings the very best mix of qualifications, experience, commitment, and professional integrity to its work of any of these organizations."

Lynda B. Micikas - Ph.D Senior Staff Associate, Biological Sciences Curriculum Study

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