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Amazing Customer Experiences
a service of 30dps

This Is What
an ACE Looks Like

Every ACE starts with an idea. How to present that idea is where the magic happens.

We can guide you.

This Is What
an ACE Looks Like

Every ACE starts with an idea. How to present that idea is where the magic happens.

We can guide you.

What does ACE mean?

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RTA Architects

RTA Architects website

Year: 2012
Service: Website Redesign

RTA Architects is located in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs and serves clients throughout the nation. Because RTA is a company that specializes in creative design, it's critical to ensure that potential customers are able to experience an online brand presentation that exudes RTA's unique architectural style.

Featured Project

What We Offer

  • Customer Insight
  • Customer Experience Engineering
  • Communication Design
  • Performance Measurement
  • Branding and Customer Experience Culture
  • Management and Employee Engagement
  • ACE Initial Analysis

Murphy Mining

Murphy Mining printwork

Year: 2011 – 2012
Service: Complete Brand

Originally based in South Africa, Murphy Mining Exploration and Murphy Mining International are now located in Cripple Creek, Colorado. With a distinctive target audience, the two companies needed an upscale brand delivery. The brands presented strongest with cohesive, but easily distinguishable identities.

Colorado Springs Together

Colorado Springs Together eblasts

Year: 2012 – 2013
Service: Complete Brand

When the destructive Waldo Canyon Fire began in June of 2012, it became clear that the affected community would need a lot of recovery support. Immediately, some community leaders pulled together to create a non-profit to head up the recovery effort. The biggest immediate obstacle to overcome was the daunting task of effectively communicating with the 2,000 people in the burn area. A brand was fully created in few days, a robust website followed within the week, and a plethora of communication tools were established. By facilitating timely information, continual interaction with residents, and a series of online self-help resources, Colorado Springs Together started breaking recovery records all across the nation.


Candle3 website

Year: 2013
Service: Brand Identity

Candle3 team members are experts in Energy, and ensure that LED conversion projects will be accomplished with precision and professionalism, while utilizing the latest state-of-the-art equipment available. Creating a brand that represented this promise was the first step toward their success. By establishing a clean, professional, striking identity, Candle3 has been able to secure a strong presence within their industry.

Challenger Homes

Year: 2012
Service: Digital Business Systems

Challenger Homes is a new home builder in Colorado Springs. These days, the first stop for a potential home buyer, and the first opportunity to provide an amazing customer experience, is the builder's website. Challenger's custom-built website reflects multiple innovations in an effort to provide new home buyers with rich information about floor plans and properties, and has helped catapult Challenger Homes to the top of the real estate market.

Features of the Site:

  • Easy back-end management technology to associate floor plans with corresponding properties
  • Specialized pricing adjustment technology for floor plans available in multiple communities with varied pricing
  • New Homebuyer online, mobile-friendly satisfaction forms; comments post to the website
  • Electronic trend analysis of satisfaction form responses

Sustainable Business Growth/Growth Curve Institute

Year: 2012
Service: Digital Business Solutions

Growth Curve Institute enables businesses to achieve smooth, healthy operations. Measurement and assesment tools allow their clients to be able to clearly recognize weak or strong aspects of company operations. Translating these tools to the web allows Growth Curve to maintain relevance and establish conveniencey for their clientele. The unique Toolbox website meets specific needs of users including project analysis and management tools. From a separate server, the Toolbox works in conjunction with the Growth Curve's main website and CRM system, allowing users to track their progress.

The Work

Unlike other CE consulting firms, 30dps has a dedicated and experienced staff capable of executing the ACE strategies. Our extremely creative Communications Design team can produce visually powerful and effective communication devices across a wide spectrum of media. Our Digital Solutions team can help you implement industry-changing web-based applications that are certain to score an ACE.


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